Tri-Pil-Lo™~ Best Inflatable Support Pillow Ever Designed!

The World's First Inflatable Support Pillow with 3 separate air cells.

* 7 different Configurations * 4 different areas of Dis-comfort!

  • Ever tried to get some sleep on a plane?!
  • Tired of sore back from sitting so long?
  • Sick of restless all night flights?
  • Dreading that next long haul?
  • I just can't get comfortable!
  • Just let me Sleep!!!


Radical New Design - Inflatable Travel Lumbar Pillow.
3 Separate Air Cells. Weld Joined.
Fully Flocked for your comfort.


Sitting is hard on your lumbar area.
Good support is critical to avoiding discomfort.


Any medium to long timed sitting situation.
Planes; Train; Bus; Car; Office


Lumbar Support. Foot Support (DVT seated Exerciser)
Soft Base Seat using Large Cell only.
Under legs Support using Small and Medium Cells.
Inclined Office Chair Seat Base for lower back.


7 Different Shaped/Sized Pillows in 1.
Use 1, 2, or all 3 separate air cells to
customise to your desired shape and size.
With 3 (partially) inflated cells
the support pillow maintains its structure.


Key Takeaways